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WORKSHOP Track No. 1                11:30 A.m.

A Single Man's Pursuit
Executive Pastor James Marshall  //  Room 2107 - 2108

Being a Christian single man in our society is difficult! With the increase of sexually explicit media and the church's silence on topics that plague single life, it can be hard to please God and live single. Here is biblically based methodology for pursuing a mate.

Fighting for Your Family
Dr. Dan Williams  //  Room 2111 - 2112

Don’t give up on your most valuable natural resource. Today's warfare is real and victory rests in who God is, not who He uses. At the same time, no man should deceive himself and conclude that discipline, difficult decisions and devotion aren’t necessary. They’re required to advance the kingdom and the future of those coming behind us.

When God Writes a Man's Story
Dr. Johnny Parker  //  Room 2311

Every man's life tells a story. Is your life telling the story you were born to live? Stop plagiarizing someone else’s life and pursue knowing and mastering your true story for His glory.

Irrevocable Trust

Dr. Clifford Ashe  //  Sanctuary

An irrevocable trust is a legally binding document that cannot be changed. It locks a party into a set of regulations with no escape clauses. The enemy wants you to believe that your situation is irreversible with no way out. But there is a biblical combination – a formula – that unlocks unimaginable opportunities. This workshop will help you penetrate any barrier. But you must pursue!

Pursue, Overtake and Recover

Dr. George Pointer  //  Room 2314

The enemy’s plan is to destroy the family, beginning with man. He does this through bondage to addictions, including substance abuse but not limited to drugs and alcohol. Learn how to transform and transition from the addictive mindset.

Pursuing God’s Original Intent for the Family
Dr. Rickey Bolden  //  Room 1211

This class focuses on your role as husband and father and empowers you with practical ways to live out other aspects of manhood: son, brother, grandfather, uncle, nephew, etc. We wear many different hats and must know when to change them. A lot of family problems stem from us being one-dimensional when we’re created to be multidimensional.

Pursuing the Wayward Child
Pastor Byron Craig  //  Room 2007 - 2008

Hanging in there is hard! Men face many difficult and painful experiences, but the spiritual rebellion of a headstrong child can weigh heavily. How do we handle that as men of God? Learn the practical principles of experiencing peace concerning your role with wayward offspring.

Pursuing Your Purpose
Dr. Bobby Manning  //  Room 2011 - 2012

What are you here for? Why were you created? Every real man is on mission from God! In order to be successful, you must determine your God-given purpose and go hard in an effort to reach it. In this session, you’ll learn biblical ways to find and walk out your mission. You’ll also examine the things men mistakenly chase instead of purpose, sidetracking us from God’s will for our lives.

Pursuit From a Prodigal’s Perspective
Pastor Ricky Wilson  //  Room 2105 - 2106

When your beginning is marked with failure and frustration, rest assured that your finish can be greater through the relentless pursuit of God. Get past your past and onto your future! All men act like prodigals at some point, whether in a distant land or staying at home. Just be certain that options, obstacles and opportunities are always at hand.

Recovering Your Kingdom Purpose
Dr. Michael Henderson  //  Room 1201

Are you ready to commit and set goals to fulfill your God-given purpose? There are two truths about your purpose. You must pursue it and you must understand that it has eternal consequences. Learn to recover the things you lost because you weren’t connected to the things of God.

Redeemed and Restored
Reverend Jonathan Queen  //  Room 2005 -2006

Locked up doesn’t mean locked out! Prison may have been part of your past but you don’t have to be a prisoner of that past. You don’t have to struggle with shame and guilt due to mistakes. Have you or someone you love spent time in jail? Whether it was a physical prison or a personal prison, this session provides biblical truths and strategies for ex-offenders and those who want to help them pursue their purpose after being redeemed. It’s time for a new life and a new lifestyle.

Time to Pursue Her Heart
First Lady Audrey Ashe  //  Room 1305

Who she really is now hides behind who she has become. Her heart is the core of her true identity. Wives don’t wear masks; they protect their hearts.  Is your wife in hiding?  Discover the steps to create an environment that brings her out by pursuing her heart. Get back what you have lost!

WORKSHOP Track No. 2                2 p.m.

Boys to Men-tors
Reverend Jonathan Queen  //  Room 2005 - 2006

Boys who grow up without fathers, or father figures, will remain boys when they should become men. The enemy is attacking our boys and discouraging the men God expects to stand in the gap. “Gap Men” are hard to find! It’s time to take a stand and be identified as part of the solution. Many men who survived boyhood are being called by God to be effective mentors and connect with young men and at-risk youth.

Coming Back Over the Wall

Dr. George Pointer  //  Room 2314

No matter how hard the battle, there’s nothing like the pleasure of avoiding a relapse. This encouraging workshop teaches you how to sustain after recovering from addictive behaviors. It’s full of tips for staying on track and having a transformative effect – socially and spiritually – at home, at church and in the community.

Pursuing an Unstoppable Marriage

First Lady Audrey Ashe  //  Room 1305

Learn how to avoid the challenges and traps that can stop your marriage in its tracks.  It’s not too late to divert underlying issues that might be brewing. Whether you think things are fine or you need to break through a seemingly impenetrable wall, discover how to create a marriage that can’t be stopped.

Pursuing Peace in Your Home
Executive Pastor James Marshall  //  Room 2107 - 2108

Living in a household full of peace, harmony and love is not as easy it sounds. Each household contains individuals with different personalities, passions and agendas, which can make existence chaotic. But every man can learn to be at peace with his wife, children and extended family at home.

Pursuing Real Manhood

Pastor Jeffrey Johnson Sr. // Sanctuary

The making of man is critical and crucial for such a time as this. More than ever, we need men to be men and know God’s original design for manhood. Our churches, families, country and world need godly men to step up. We will discuss what it takes to be the kind of man God intended us to be in creation and how to live that out in our everyday lives.

Pursuing Territorial Spiritual Transformation

Pastor Byron Craig  //  Room 2007 - 2008

You can be an agent of grace in this age of grace. As you seek personal spiritual transformation, God wants to expose you to the call of being His vessel for territorial spiritual transformation. Hear how cities and nations are being transformed by God’s power and how He desires to use you as a change agent.

Pursuing Victory Over Anger
Dr. Rickey Bolden  //  Room 1211

One of the biggest challenges can be overcoming anger at work, toward your family and throughout life in general. This workshop equips you with effective ways to identify and defuse triggers. It also helps you understand the importance of modeling healthy approaches to dealing with anger.

Recovering Your Kingdom Potential

Dr. Michael Henderson  //  Room 1201

There is more in you than has been revealed. If you feel, suspect or know that you have more in you than you’ve achieved, then let’s get ready to rumble. The major difference between an amateur and a professional is that pros create more options for success. In order to go pro, you need to tap into your greatness. This workshop coaches you to identify and utilize every drop of your potential.

The Sadness of Success

Dr. Dan Williams  //  Room 2111 - 2112

Our commitment to materialism and worldly success often comes at a cost. Wives, children and loved ones typically are the ones who pay, sacrificed on the altar of achievement. Without minimizing our earthly needs, we’ll re-examine what it means to love God and love people but only “use” material things.

The Future is Now
Dr. Bobby Manning  //  Room 2011 - 2012

Where are our great young leaders? They’re right here, right now. This generation is full of potential greatness but needs help to reach it. Go inside the mind of millennial men in order to understand them and equip them to carry the mantle. While you’re at it, become empowered to embrace your own giftedness and put it to work.

The Ultimate Pursuit
Pastor Ricky Wilson  //  Room 2105 -2106

When you have experienced great successes and great failures, there comes a time when you must ask yourself questions. What should be my No. 1 pursuit? How does what I’ve done and accomplished line up with God’s definition of abundant life and lifestyle? When we rank the things of life based on priority, we must make the right choices at the choice points. Learn to make the proper decision when it’s time to be decisive.

Walking in the Shadow of Greatness

Holloway Gray // Room 2311

Some men’s history makes them think they’re disqualified from serving.  If you feel like it’s time to reset life and support your pastor, leaders and church members, this is the workshop for you. Learn to walk in the shadow of greatness, unlock the greatness inside of you and take the pressure off your leaders from someone who has served Bishop T.D. Jakes for 25 years.


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